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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm a rocket man... burning out his fuse up here alone ....

Sorry but I really must be on my way
The Bell Rocket belt that James  Bond used in the movie Thunderball was actually a fully functional rocket pack device, which had been developed for the army. Unfortunately, its flying time was too brief to be of practical use, relying on an almost pure hydrogen peroxide propellant that burned too quickly. The catalyst in this old rocket pack was silver, which decomposed the hydrogen peroxide  into a mixture of super heated steam and oxygen in less than 1/10 millisecond. Designing a jetpack device that would be light enough, safe enough, high flying enough, long flying enough, not to mention maneuverable,  would prove to challenge the smarts of even the most determined engineers. Yes, rocket science can be that way!

Enter Swiss Flying Man, Rocket Man on Steroids, AKA JETMAN Yves Rossy, sky racer against fighter jets, and all-round solo high flyer extrordinaire.

How does he do it? Aside from being Swiss, fearless, and super smart? I will give you a hint. He's got some killer jet turbine engines strapped on his back. Not one, not two, but four (!) jet engines are strapped to his back!!!!

Learn more about the amazing "Jet Man" Yves Rossy and follow his journey as he zooms through the sky :

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