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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to the blog for the 2014 Kavli Science Video Contest!

The theme of this year's video contest is "science in fiction". Or, how about"science faction" ???

According to the online Urban dictionary:
1. science faction

refers to:
(1) Actual scientific discoveries or inventions that are so hard to believe as to be commonly mistaken for science fiction.

(2) A speculative technological discovery or invention specifically referred to in past science fiction writing that has since become true.
Apparently an invisibility cloak has become science faction as military scientists have discovered a reflective material that can bend light around a subject making the subject effectively invisible.
In the days ahead we will be exploring some examples of science faction. I will be sharing some cool inventions and discoveries...
 Here is a personal favorite of mine to kick off our quest .... the flying car!



  1. Hi, I think this contest will be a wonderful opportunity for my students to explore STEM. Just to verify, is there a cost to enter the contest?

  2. Thanks for your interest in the video contest! There is no cost to enter. We will be posting submission forms on the contest website on Nov.1. How it works is that after the student makes the video, they will need to upload the .mov file to YouTube , Vimeo or SchoolTube, verify the upload worked, then copy paste the URL to the submission form.