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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My mind to your mind... my thoughts to your thoughts

Why pay a penny when I can get your thoughts for free?

Mr. Spock was my favorite Star Trek character, for many reasons. Superior intelligence, physical strength, and not the least were his abilities to nerve pinch and mind meld. The recent movie Pacific Rim features mind melding, called "drifting", a required element so that two pilots could sync and control their giant robot Jaeger, because according to the movie, one human mind did not have the neural power to be able to do it alone.  The concept of linking two ( or more ) brains to amplify brain power and cancel out each other's errors is, as Spock might say, fascinating.

Researchers at the University of Washington made news today with their brain-to-brain experiment.
By using EEG and TMS technologies, brain signals from one person ( the sender) were recorded, interpreted via software and then transmitted to a different location (via internet) where a second person (the receiver), was wired to a TMS machine. The sender had visualized his hand pressing a key as part of a video game play, and his brain signal was transmitted and decoded as a magnetic pulse to the proper brain region of the receiver, who then responded by pressing the key.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "mind manipulation", doesn't it?

Read about the experiment here, and at the bottom of the page there are also some good background references for brain-computer interfaces:

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